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Summer of Athletics

Summer of Athletics

Track and Field

Oceania Track and Field Championship

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Walking Group Saturday 12 Nov



To View the Official Opening for the Re Developed Clubrooms

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        Betty And Ron Cain Martin And Neville Peter And Frank

Photos : L to R Betty and Ron Cain QSM : Life Members Martin Hair and Neville Madigan : Peter Blackwood and Frank McGregor.


The weather was at different ends of the scales for club members over the past week. In sunny Nelson for the NZMA Track and Field Championships were Alison Newall, Tom Cockerill, Claire Giles and Jim Kearse.

Alison  Tom  Claire  Jim Kease

          Alison                              Tom                                 Claire                              Jim

A large number also took part, in the wet, in the Stadium to Surf.

Dave  Janice Hughes  Jonah  Karen Rowley  Claire  Nick  Gracie  Sue