2018 The Year so Far

  2018 Club Cross Country  

" That had to be the best club cross country I have attended at Caversham. Great new course with a little sand hill twist and great weather to match the wonderful vibe from everyone there. We nailed it. Well done Cavy. You were great! Love seeing all the photos ". Stu

" Absolutely wonderful experience, Cavy  Thank you to all organisers, marshals, official photographer (photoshop some tassels eh?), and the chefs. Thank you for a great day ".  Nick Heng

IMG_2211 (2)  IMG_2243  IMG_2140 (2)

 2018 Love Lock Relays

Well done on a good job at the Lovelocks yesterday everyone. You all ran your wee hearts out and contributed hugely to the great Caversham spirit. The pride in the black and white singlet showed in everyone's performance, including new club members Aaron Eyles, Beck de la Harp, Sophie Stokes and David Scott.

Aaron Eyles   Beck De La Harp

Aaron                                                Beck

The kids ran well and the youngest in our club endeared themselves to everyone. A big shout out to Peg leg Kerry Rowley who wrangled our teams throughout the whole campaign and to Jill O'Brien for her help in a difficult situation.

  Sophie Strokes   IMG_0580 (2)

Sophie                                              David.

2018 Lovelock Relays Results Click ... HERE


2018 Ted Brown 

A good day at the office with the annual running of the Ted Brown and the McStay races. Congratulations  to Sophanna Parsons, this years winner of the McStay cup and to Claire Giles winner of the Ted Brown.  Alex Brown lead home a small field of Walkers, and it was Hendry Hodgson a worthing winner of the Colts 800m. Some nice running times out there today in spite of the soft conditions under foot. So proud of us all. We are such a happy and friendly bunch and it shows

 Fastest Times Click HERE  Finishing Order Click HERE

Photos by Gordon Wong and Stu McCormack

   Sophanna 2018 Mc Stay   Clair Ted Brown Winner (2)

Sophanna Parsons                              Claire Giles

   Alex Brown   Hendry Hodgson

Alex Brown                                          Hendry Hodgson


Great running times at the club as we welcomed our very oldest of club associations Civil Service, as our guests. They are a great bunch and we were proud to continue the association that has existed since 1905.
So pleased to welcome new runners to the fold and the day went off like a dream. Note to self. Don't ask Claire Giles to be a pack leader again soon. We shouldn't have to do press ups as part of our running surely?

Grant And Ross Dowland (2)

Grant and Ross Dowland discovering they were cousins was priceless!