2018 Opening - 24th March

2018 Opening - 24th March

2018 Opening - 24th March

2018 Opening - 24th March

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Summer of Athletics

2017 / 2018 Summer of Athletics : 2018 Oceania Masters Track and Field Championships



Results from 2018 : Otago Track and Field Championships Oceania Masters Games : 2018 Port Road Race : New Zealand Masters Games 12k Run and 10k Walk.


Cavy Chat 2018

Cavy Chat : January - February 2018 : Colgate Games : Oceania Games : New Zealand Masters Games : Port Road Race : Cavy Chatter with Cat and Kat.


Alex Brown

Brilliant Alex Brown New Zealand Champion Under 20 3000 Race Walk ( Gold ) 14.58.83. 10k Race Walk ( Gold ) 53.51. Not forgetting Jake Jackson-Grammer New Zealand Champion 3000 Steeplechase ( Gold ) 9.56.92. Cavy at their best

2017 Year in Pictures

While we are all looking forward to the 2018 Harrier season, there are those more excited than others who have gone so far to hanging up and then packing away the " track shoes ".

End Of Alison

Bound to be another action packed and exciting " harrier season ". What better way to remind you than to look back on 2017.

To visit the " 2017 Year in Pictures ".


 Brilliant performances from all the club members, both seniors and children at the 2018 Otago Track and Field Championship held on the weekend of 24/25 February. Zeddric Osten, Julie Edmunds and Claire Giles all set Otago Masters Records. The highlight of the meeting came from Alison Newall in setting a new, New Zealand and Otago Masters Record in the Pole Vault.

 " Last competition of the 2017- 2018 season & I finally pole vault over 2 metres beating my own NZ & Otago Masters record of 1.95 to 2.05 - so happy !! Couple of KGB 's 2 nite " Alison 

  Jen Hodgson Dan O'Brien 28280094_10155032584766415_862094898798531231_n (2)

                    Otago Senior and Junior Results ... HERE      

                          Otago Children Results ... HERE

     Henry Hodgson And Chev James 

                  Henry Hodgson and Chev James                                            

2018 Port Road Race  Sunday 4th February 

It was a battle of the northern and southern hemispheres, a battle of the Smiths and a battle of attrition, but in the end, in this year's Port Road Race, held yesterday, there was only one winner, Caversham's Jonah Smith.

27336279_10154910900206534_1765312755336501598_n (3)

 2018 New Zealand Masters Games 12k Run / 10k Walk Sunday 4th February

Of the club members who turned out of the New Zealand Masters Games 12 Run and 10k Walk there were medals to Ken McDonald, Roger Leslie, Donna Tumaru ( Gold  ). Kerry Killorn and Phil Bray ( Bronze )

27337338_10154910900556534_8351491570722684812_n (2) 27459203_10154910900976534_5877941204796399458_n (2) 27539968_2099760613368200_7476242667810332211_n (2) 27336463_10154910900401534_6673873779631484252_n (2) 27332651_10154910900761534_3013168747764507507_n (2) 27540287_10154910900846534_1643047306543360843_n (2)

The 2018 Oceania Masters Track and Field Championships were held in Dunedin, in weather conditions that some may have found ideal, while others would have been relieved when the temperatures drop under 25c. Full marks to all involved in the organisation for the Games. Congratulations to all. Great performances from club members Claire Giles, Geoff Anderson, Alison Newall, Ken McDonald, Sophanna Parsons, Jim Kerse, Paula Cotter, Zeddric Osten, Julie Edmunds, Jen Hodgson, Stu McCormack and Peter Fitzgerald.  Between them, the medal haul was, 26 Gold, 11 Silver and 10 Bronze and a few PB's as well.   

 Paula (2) Geoff Anderson (2) Juli 1500m Gold (2)    Ken Mc Donald (2) Sophanna Parsons (2)  Zeddric Silver Men 's 4x 100 Relay (2)   Claire 200m (2)      26904237_10154950438221415_4593997234192802014_n (2)   27066775_10154950438386415_5984761080057495391_n (2)

Sunday 3rd December 2017

Club Race Walker Alex Brown National Champion

Alex Brown Otago T And F 2017

Alex has won the 3K Track Walk at the National Secondary Schools Championships in Hastings 

Saturday November 11th

12 summer walkers carpooled to Portobello and then walked to the Pyramids and overland to Victory Beach. Walked to tip of one of the Pyramids, visited the cave at the foot of the Pyramids. Once on the beach we saw three sealions.We were surprised at the amount of water ponding. Meanwhile action a plenty at the track. Report and Photos by Dave McWhinnie

23379838_10214309242104868_9120585021499564348_n (2)  1500m (2)

 At the Caledonian Ground on Saturday 9th November a former club member Keith Dowland met up with Geoff Anderson. Keith and his twin Brother Ross were two of the best runners in the Caversham Club in the late 70s and early to mid 80s. They left Dunedin around 30 years ago for the USA and never returned to Dunedin except for family occasions and Holidays. Keith is based in Austin Texas while Ross is in Phoenix Arizona. Ross who is still a competitive age group runner is now completely retired while Keith works for about 4 Months of the Year. Ross is due to visit Dunedin again in April. It was good for our club competitors on Saturday to hear this American accent encouraging them along. I hope all our members will found this interesting.

Report and Photo by John Stinson

Geoff And Keith

Track and Field is well underway. A good number of club members putting in some great preformaces from both our children and senior members

  Alex Brown Ben 5000m Katie Wong

 Matthew Wong  Ken Mc Donald  Peter 5000m 

Very close racing was to come from both Kerry Rowley and Julie Edmunds in the 1500m.

The end result was Julie 5:33:24, Kerry 5:35:37.

    Kerry Closing In On Julie Kerry Leading Julie Julie Leading Kerry

Club Captain's Update Thursday 26th October

So very satisfying to observe the activity from our members as our summer season progresses, with a good showing from Cavy runners in last Friday's Ness Cup for starters. Well done to Hill City in taking out the first three placings (damn it!).
The Kelly's Canter race in Palmerston was won by Jake Jackson-Grammer (still lurking around town somewhere) with Jonah Smith in second place. Leon Miyahara was a very creditable 9th. Not bad going considering his young age. 

Leon Miyahara

Leon Miyahara
Alex Brown continues to achieve with a gold in his 10k race walk.
Lots of Caversham people are taking advantage of Saturday mornings Parkrun to get in a little strenuous conditioning before breakfast, with Ben Rowley and Nathan Shanks first and second last weekend. 
Our Caversham Social runs and walks continue to attract good numbers (not last night though, only four of us hardy souls turned up to run in the rain). Keep your eye on our Facebook page for additional weekend runs/walks.

New Zealand and Otago Champs

" Well I might have been not the best at the prizegiving, but it was all worth it. National 24hr running champ. Big thanks to Cameron Heffernan, Andrew Gould and Douglas for being my support crew. Thanks mum for making sure my cats didn't starve. Thanks to Croydon Paton for checking in with my crew, thanks everyone for the words of support ". Thanks everyone! Andrew Glennie

   Andrew  Andrew With Dawn Tuffery

 Andrew Glennie Caversham 184.451 km ( Sri Chinmoy 24 Hours )

There were a large number of club members taking part in the Hill Free Half Marathon and 10k Run and Walk. The highlight being our Gordon Wong being crowned Otago 50+ Half Marathon Champion. Luke Anderson Otago Masters 35-39 Half Marathon Champion, and winner of the Bruce Dellow Cup, being the first Caversham Master home.

   Gordon   Otago Masters 50+ Half Marathon

        Luke Anderson   Bruce Dellow Cup

Half Marathon : Ken McDonald 1:23:26 Luke Anderson 1:29:34 Gordon Wong 1:40:45 Jen Hodgson 1:45:25 Nicholas Heng 1:50:45 Stu McCormack 1:53:09 Paul Anderson 1:56:04

10k Run : Jonah Smith 35:11 Nathan Shanks 37:10 Ben Rowley 37:31 Scott McRodden 40:27 Julie Edmunds 41:47

John Hill Free 10k Walk 2017

10k Walk : John Stinson 1:29:40 2nd Overall

Hill Free Half Marathon / 10k Run and Walk Results

Black Click Here


Clyde to Alexandra 12th August

Clyde Alex

Clyde to Alex road races. We came back to one of our favorite club events with a hiss and a roar and had a brilliant day. Lots of fun and laughter, and that was even before we had to run or walk. What a great club day.

Peninsula Relay Saturday 5th August

Well! We got through a very windy and cold Peninsula Relay Cavy, and I feel so proud of the effort from not only our winning teams but every Cavy member who took part. Our senior men's team took out fastest time for 5 years in a row. Our Senior women's team gained second place. All our other teams ran their wee hearts out and we all had a terrific day. Well done guys . Very proud of our club spirit and sense of fun and fellowship. Kudos to David Sharp who endured the windiest run of all of us.
Andrew Glennie has some explaining to do to Athletics Otago when the wind caught his teams race numbers and blew them into the bay!

2017 Peninsula Relay Results

Click Here

         Cavy Fastest Team

         Womens Medal Winners

Brighton - Green Island - Saturday 29th July

It was one of those ideal days, a great improvement in the weather, perfect for running and walking, alongside our friends from the Fiordland Harriers. Great reward for our newest club member Ken Pullar, first across the line in 54min15sec and getting his hands on that " log of wood " trophy. Congratulations to Margaret McDermott, first walker home, 1h15min14sec.

 Winner Ken Pullar  First Women Margaret Mc Dermott

  Ken                                         Margaret

2017 Otago Cross Country

The conditions were pretty tough underfoot but great results from everyone at Caversham.  Boys Under 11 2km - Dan O'Brien 0:08:54 Boys Under 15 3km Oliver Young 0:11:54 Girls Under 15 3km  Jordan Evans-Tobata 0:13:52 Masters Women 50+ 6km  Gail Sharp  0:34:18 Masters Women 35-49 6km  Claire Anderton  0:27:41. .  Caversham were to take out the  - Joe Gough Memorial Trophy - Club gaining most points in teams' races over all grades. Points to be awarded as follows: Winning team 5 points; Second placed team 3 points; Third placed team 1 point.

o   2nd Open Men (Blair Martin, Jonah Smith, Ken McDonald, Nathan Shanks)

o   1st 50+ Men (Peter Fitzgerald, Dave Sharp, Gordon Wong)

o   1st Girls U15 (Jordan Evans-Tobata, Caitlin O'Brien, Katie Wong)

o   1st Masters Women 35-49 (Claire Anderton, Heather Evans, Donna Young)

Photos by Gilian Wong

Dan O'Brien  Oliver Young  Jordan           Gail  Claire 

2017 Edmond Cup Saturday 1st July

Challenging conditions greeted club members for the 2017 Edmond Cup. The Children would have enjoyed the best of the underfoot conditions with 5 club members in the U13 Girls and Boys 1.5k, all performing  outstanding. Heavy track for the those in the U15 Girls and Boys 2.5k, Jordan Evans-Tobata taking out the U15 Girls. A good number of Club members ( 30 ) throughout the senior and masters grades. Well done to everyone.

Click HERE Edmond Cup Provisional Results  

     U13 Girls Ken F Jordan Evans Tobata

          Girls U13                        Ken                        Jordan

Photos by Lesley McCormack and Malcolm Giles

Club Cross Country Saturday 24th June 2017

This was the  "Walton" version of a "Park Run", interesting and challenging, a true cross country course, great work by the team in putting it together. Honors on the day to, Ken McDonald, Jen Hodgson, Luke Anderson, Claire Anderton, Geoff Anderson, Gail Sharp, Ben Rowley, Sydney Evans-Tobata, Dan O'Brien, Darcie Evans-Tobata, Oliver Young, Jordan Evans-Tobata and Alex Brown.

Provisional Results ... Click ... HERE

" Thank you Cavy for a awesome race I really enjoy it. And can't wait until to the Edmonds Cup - feeling energized "  - Zeddric Osten ...  " It was fun huh !! "  - Karen Rowley.

     Zeddric  Karen 

                 Zeddric                                      Karen


Barnes Cross Country Sunday 11th June

Well done to all our athletes who took part in yesterdays Barnes X Country. There was a big representation of club members through all the grades. Special congratulations to Claire Anderton who took out the womens event and our Caversham women who won the women's team event: Claire Anderton, Gail Sharp and Julie Edmunds.
Jordan Evans Tobata was fastest home in the women's U/18 and led the womens U/18 to team victory: Jordan Evans Tobata, Caitlin O'Brien and Katie Wong.  Click ... HERE ... 2017 Barnes ( Provisional ) Results.

Clair A  Jordan

 Claire Anderton                                  Jordan Evans - Tobata

VP5k Saturday 27th May 2017

Another one of those ideal Autumn days for "a day at the races", the track was hard and fast, no one was laying any bets down on who would be the eventual winners. History may reveal a number of "back to back" winners, and now Neville Scott can be included in that list, what will 2018 bring Neville ?, the "triple". Congratulations to the other winners on the day. Leila McCormack ( Colts ), Oliver Young ( fastest time ) and Alex Brown ( Walkers, also fastest time ). Fastest times in the VP5k were, Jen Hodgson and Blair Martin.There were 65 club members, plus a big hand full of officials to make sure all run smoothly. View Result under "Lastest News"

 Neville Scott Winner  Jen And Ken  Blair Last Lap

          Neville                         Jen                             Blair

Lovelocks Relays Saturday 6th May

A great day out for the club at the 2017 Lovelock Relays. Well done to all for your sportsmanship and great attitude. We have a way of making it fun while not losing sight of the competition. Congratulations to all 15 teams from the children to seniors, everyone a winner.

 Social Team 3

Social 3 Team - Vicky Evans, Jamie Shaw, Peter Blackwood and Alison Newall, congratulations to Vicki Evans in smashing out a PB of 9.18 & also Jamie Shaw for an expressive run of 4.53 in both their 1st Lovelocks

 Saturday 29th April 2017

With just on 73 entries for the 2017 Ted Brown, McStay, Children's and Walkers races on Saturday, it was going to be a very busy and enjoyable day. The weather was brilliant and a beautifully laid out course by Brian Watkins and his team. A show case for a lot of our new members, of which two were to taste success on the day. Scott McRodden winning the McStay Memorial 1500m in a time of 4m23s, and in the 1500m Walk, Jamie Shaw in a time of 6m56s.

To view results ( Provisional ) go to "Latest News / Results" on the left 

Scott McRodden

Scott  Mc Stay Winner 

Jamie Shaw

Jamie Shaw 2017 Walkers Cup  Jamie Shaw

Saturday 22nd April  

We had Civil Service Harriers as our guests on a beautiful autumn Saturday . Good on Robert Homan for being such a sport, we wish Robert and our Geoff Anderson the very best as they take part in the World Masters Games  and thanks Civil Service. We enjoyed having you with us. Roll on next weekend and the Ted Brown races. Entries need to be in by 8.00pm this Thursday. 

 Matthew , Evelyn , Robert And Claire

Matthew, Evelyn, Robert and Claire 

 To join the Caversham Harrier and Athletic Club, or, current members wishing to update their details and pay subs.

                                           Click Here To Register

The opening day of the Caversham Harriers winter season took place on Saturday 1st April having officially opened the redeveloped clubrooms two weeks before. Such an amazing turnout some were left wondering if the extensions were going to cope, but cope we did. Wonderful to see some returning members, equally wonderful to new runners and walkers. Will look forward to catching up again on Saturday 8th April, Club run and walk again at the clubrooms

No Standing Room

A Cavy Crowd

Saturday 18th March 2017 

  Past and present members, along with family and friends were greeted by sunny blue skies on Saturday 18th of March 2017 for the grand re-opening of the redeveloped clubrooms of the Caversham Harrier and Athletic Club. A welcome was extended to all by Athletics Otago president Bruce Cowan and club president Murray Reynolds. The official opening was conducted by Dunedin City councillor Aaron Hawkins. Club Life Member and Patron Ron Cain QSM was on hand to give an insight to early days and the building of the clubrooms back in the 70's.

To View the Official Opening of Re Developed Clubrooms

                  Images 4I17NPJA

    Betty And Ron Cain 

                        Betty and Ron Cain ( QSM )

    Martin And Neville

           Life Members Martin Hair and Neville Madigan


It has been years and years of planning, fundraising by club members and contributions from community trusts. This Saturday the Caversham Harrier and Athletic Club will be celebrating the reopening of their clubrooms.

Hallway Leading To Changerooms And Toilets  Main Room Looking To Kitshen

Formed in 1905 the club opened their first clubrooms in September 1970.

Club Opening 5th Sept 197011052016

                        View the 2016 Clubrooms Re-build

Click Here

We look forward to Saturday 1st April and the opening ( another one ) of the Winter Harrier season ... join us. 


Great weekend for Petra, she will be representing Otago in the Interprovincials in Masterton. Go Cavy girls!

Our Champiom Girls

                    Katie  Alika  Jordan  Caitlin  Petra

The Caversham Inter-Provincial team, Masterton here we come next month. The smiles make all the fundraising efforts worth it.

Cavy in the Catlins - Papatowai - Saturday 4th March 2017

Jake Lesley  17103654_10208673703380204_6637404229881699618_n

Jake                         Lesley                         Rodger

Winner Jake Jackson-Grammer

Last year, he completed the track in 56min 13sec and this year  did it in 55min 58sec.

"I was pretty pleased,", was  a very enjoyable track and was one of my favourites". 

Lesley McCormack 1st in the Legends age bracket for Women

Rodger Leslie 1st overall in the Walk.

                     Download (1)

                         Provisional Results Papatowai


February 25th - 26th 2017

Well done to Matthew, Katie, Caitlin, Alika, Paula, Claire, Alison, Gordon, Alex, Peter and Geoff. PBs all over the place. Was really fun to watch and thanks to all those who have coached. Caitlin had PBs in discus, 800m, 300H and 1500m. Now to chase the flying Wong (Senior) 400 m and 800m times! Reporter Jilly O'Brien : Photos by Gillian Wong

Matthew Wong Men U18 100m

Paula Cotter Masters 60m 100m 200m Long Jump Triple Jump Discus Shotput

Alex Brown U18 3000m Race Walk

Claire Giles Masters 60+ 80m Hurdles 300m Hurdles

Peter Fitzgerald Master 50+ 800m 1500m

Caitlin O'Brien U16 1500m

Geoff Anderson Master 50+ 3000m

Alison Newall Master 50+ 80m Hurdles High Jump Triple Jump

Caitlin Flying 1500m Gordon Wong 400m   Paula Cotter  Alex Brown


          Images (1)

                Otago Champs Track and Field Results


The NZ Multi Championships last weekend produced hard won gold medals for Claire Giles and Alison Newall, made all the more special for both ladies having to compete in unfamiliar disciplines. The mark of a true athlete!

Claire And Alison NZ Muilt

The Cavy Kids fundraiser rolls on. Help our team, Katie, Petra, Jordan, Caitlin, Alika and Piere. get to the 2017 Inter-Provincials in Masterton.

It's Pies ... Pav's ... and Paper

Petra And Caitlin Paper Girls Jan 2017 16508803_1106815176131139_6780864489032701709_n

Marlow Pies

A selection of Marlow Pies 

A pack of 12 small mini pavlovas (seconds from Cowells) for $12:)
Cottonsoft Toilet paper - $20 for a 45 pack. 

Please message gillian.wong7@gmail.com for further details. 

4 of the Cavy kids (Katie, Piere, Freda and Caitlin) traveled down to Invercargill to compete in the Colgate Games. They did themselves and their club proud in all their efforts in very trying weather conditions. Great job.

        Piere Bronze 80m Hurdles 12 Boys       Katie And Caitlin

Piere - Bronze Boy's 12 80m Hurdles     Katie and Caitlin

Saturday 21 January 2017

Caversham had two Otago Masters Age Group Record Breakers at the Caledonian Ground on Saturday 21st January. In the 3K Geoff Anderson broke the Otago 60t record with a time of 10.41.98.  Our other Record Breaker was Claire Giles who broke the Otago Women's 60t 300m Hurdles Record with 64.42. In the mean time a " rebuilt " Andrew Smith took on a "seagull" ...the "seagull won !!!".

           Andrew With Seagull    Andrew Smith Beaten By Seagull

Action captured by Gillian Wong


" not really "cavy chat" more like "bush banter"

"Good looking bunch"  Donna Tumaru

"Thank you so very much for being such a fun welcoming group of runners it was amazing i had a great time hope everyones rolled ankles and thistles are ok
I hope Ian isnt too upset about the deck lol still need to have words to Peter Hughes about his definition of undulating though … but thank you guys … your awesome"    Stacey Hebbard


"undulating (adj) wavy/having a wavy shape, rising and falling.

A hilly area undulates. Because of the hills and the valleys, the land in the area has a wavy shape, full of ups and downs. An area of land full of ups and down is undulating." ... Peter Hughes

Lovelock Classic - Timaru 7/8 Jan 2017

Childrens results from the Lovelock Classic (Timaru, 7th Jan).

              Download (1)

Well done to the Cavy kids (Dan, Caitlin, Alika, Petra and Katie), and Matthew who competed in the afternoon :). 3 of the kids (Katie, Alika and Matthew) attended the hurdles workshop this morning, really interesting

Report and Photos by Gillian Wong

                Alika And Matthew Hurdles Workshop Katie 100m Lvelock C Jan 2017 

          Petra Lovelock Classic 7 Jan 2017 Geoff In The Mile

One way to spend one's Birthday

St James Walkway! Was a long, hot day. 69 km in 13:21. The track had awesome scenery but the conditions werent suitable for running...not me anyway. Along with my coughing and breathing problems from my chest infection, I decided to powerwalk the whole way with Roger who is an extreme powerhouse! I have a new respect for power walkers...my backside is so sore!!! It was an awesome way to spend my birthday and thanks for all the best wishes :) Thanks to mum, dad and Ben for amusing Lachie and to Roger and Luke for coming with me! Where to next year?? - Kerry Rowley


15589496_10153929733361394_7646615746868132261_n 15492141_10153929731536394_3684184933561173343_n

Saturday - Sunday 3rd - 4th December 2016

Huge Congratulations to Alex Brown in the 3K Race Walk Open at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Champs in Waitakere. He came 2nd with a time of 15:54.64, taking a whopping 30 secs of his pb. Brilliant 

Alex Brown Nov 2016

Here is a photo of Alex Brown with his medal and a huge smile on his face.He wishes to say thank you to everyone for their encouragement, competition and pavlova eating 

View "the John Stinson Report"

                                                                                                                              Images (1)

Saturday 26th November 2016

Congratulations to Sophanna Parsons on winning the Ness Cup Handicap Mile one of the oldest Otago Centre Races at the Caledonian Ground last Saturday. Starting off "Go" Sophanna ran with great purpose to cross the finish line a comfortable winner in  7min 3.64sec. Sophanna was a popular winner being a consistent track competitor  over sprint distances since the start of the season. Sophanna also enjoyed success in other events held last Saturday winning the Women 20-34 60m and Triple Jump and placing 2nd in the 100m. Caversham provided the first three place getters in the Ness Cup with Julie Edmonds 2nd in 7min 15.19sec and Jonah Smith 3rd in 7.18.25Saturday 26th November 2016

For the full "John Stinson Report " Click ...  HERE

Saturday 19th - Sunday 20th November 

Congratulations to all club members who once again donned the "black and white" over the weekend from Queenstown to Timaru.  

 15138550_10154205402618512_2935686866362495600_o  15138443_10154208112413512_7450963762176436020_o  15168822_10154208098568512_671339759157783360_o 


Photos by Gillian Wong 

A lot of club members are out there being very active. Saturdays will see the Children's Athletics taking place in the mornings, while in the afternoon it is the senior Track and Field.  Elsewhere the Caversham Walking Group will be enjoying taking in the sights in and around Dunedin.

Walking Group Saturday 12 Nov

Caversham Walking Group Saturday 12th November 

Katie And Petra 800m

Katie and Petra 800m

Images (4)

For all Track and Field Results

Saturday 29th October 2016


Report byJohn Stinson  Photo by Gillian Wong

Alex Dodds continued his fine early season form at the Athletics Otago Track and Field Meeting held last  Saturday at the Caledonian Ground winning the Senior 3000 Metres in 9.11.72. Club Mates Jake Jackson -Grammer 9.13.57 and Jonah Smith 9.25.14 filled 2nd and 3rd placings respectively. In the Men 18-19 3000 Ioane Fuller was first in  9.21.33. In the 800 Metres races Jonah Smith was first in the Men 20-34 in 2.16.35 while Geoff Anderson was 2nd in the Men 35 in 2.26.99.

Sophanna Parsons enjoyed a busy and successful Afternoon winning her race in the Women 20-34 100 Metres in 15.12 and the 60 Metres in 9.27. Sophanna also took out the Women 20-34 Long Jump with 4.26m and the Triple Jump with 8.79m. Alison Newall also enjoyed success winning the Women 35 60 Metres in 10.06 and the 100 Metres in 16.71 Alison also won the Women 35 3kg Hammer 26.11m, the 3kg Shot Put 7.46m,the 500g Javelin 16.66m,the Long Jump 3.21m and the Triple Jump 6.95m.Paula Cotter excelled in the Throwing Events winning the Women 35 1kg Discus 20.36m, the 4kg Hammer 19.85m and the 600g Javelin 11.08m

Full Results Track and Field Saturday 29th October 2016

 Images (1)

Alex Dodds provided the highlight for Caversham Members at the Athletics Otago Track and Field Meeting held at the Caledonian Ground in perfect conditions last Friday Evening. Alex won the 1500 metres race in 4min.07.70 sec in his first outing of the Track season.

      SAM_2000  Gordon Wong

At the annual Kellys Canter 4k race held in Palmerston on Sunday Jonah Smith was the winner in a time of  20min 4secs. Dan O'Brien won the Boys U10 race while Sister Caitlin and Mother Jill recorded 2nd placings in their respective age groups. Tom Cockerill was first in his age group for the Walk Section in a time of 41.54.
The Children's Section held their Opening Practice Night on October 18th with an exceptionally good turnout pointing towards a highly successful season.

 With the 2016/2017 Track and Field underway, and the Children's Athletics in full swing, it is great to see the "black and white" out in force. Kieran also has his "summer walks" and large groups are enjoying his well planned Saturday afternoons, topped off with "coffee and chat". 

                       Click Here

For the "John Stinson Report" on "Track and Field "

 14520431_1802708929966574_918674147794204154_n (1)

 Club members gathered for the final club run and walk of the Winter season at the Connections Centre, not too far from the "almost completed - re-developed clubrooms ".


The season was official closed by patron Ron Cain QSM, the final presentation of winter trophies and awards was carried out by club President Murray Reynolds. We look forward to the re-opening of our clubrooms in the months ahead. 

Ben Kerry 

 Festival Cup Junior Man U/20 years gaining lowest points …Ben Rowley

 Sen. Women's Aggregate Tray Woman over 20 years gaining lowest points …Clair Giles / Kerry Rowley ( shared )

Janice John 

 Women Walkers Cup   gaining lowest aggregate points .. Janice Hughes

Men Walkers Cup  gaining lowest aggregate points …John Stinson

Leila Jonah 

Girl's U/14 Years  Trophy gaining lowest  aggregate points ..Leila McCormack

G.L.Austin Cup 1st club runner / walker home in the Otago marathon Champs …Jonah Smith

Full details of Summer Track and Field


 A weekend of Caversham people being out there doing there thing. Kerry Rowley, Glenn Sutton , Andrew Glennie and Roger Leslie braving the elements in Naseby.

A big thank you to those helping at the Cadbury Marafun on Sunday

Nick , Julie And Jonah

Nick, Julie and Jonah 

2016 Brighton to Green Island

Clair And Laurie


2016 Masters and Overall Winner Claire Giles

Brighton to Green Island Results

Click Here


2016 Peninsula Relay Saturday 30th July

Another great day in the Caversham season. We had a blast out there in trying conditions and not only came through smiling but with some silverware as well. Fastest team 4 years running. Huge!!!


Otago Cross Country Saturday 23rd July

 Strength in numbers equals "Cavy Champions" across all grades at the 2016 Otago Cross Country Championships at Waikouaiti on Saturday. Beautiful conditions in which to celebrate. Boys Under 11 1stDan O'Brien -  Girls Under 11 -  1stDarcie Evans-Tobata. Under 11 were 1st in the Teams. Girls Under 13 - 1st Jordan Evans-Tobata. Jayden Toomey, Matthew Wong and Josh Rademeyer took out the teams event in the Men Under18.

In a time of 34m30sec Blair Martin is the 2016 Otago Cross Country Champion. Blair along with Jonah Smith, Sam Hopper and Ken McDonald won the teams event. Masters Men 50-64 - 1st Peter Fitzgerald. The Masters Womens team of Heather Evans, Lia Bezett, Kirsty Fairbairn and Julie Edmonds were 1st. Masters Mens 65+ 1st Ken Fahey. In the Open 4k Andrew Smith was 1st.

Blair 2016 CC Champion

Blair Martin 2016 Otago Cross Country Champion

Champion Team

Sam Hopper, Jonah Smith, Blair, Ken McDonald winning Team


                        2016 Otago Cross Country Results


Another fine day "at the racers". Another pleasing string of results. Another day of a sea of "black and white". Great results through all the grades, started with, Jordan Evans-Tobata, 1st Girls Under 13 also 1st Team, Jordan, Gracie Young and Darcie Evans-Tobata. Oliver Young 2nd Boys Under 15. Caitlin O'Brien 2nd Girls Under 15. Jayden Toomey 3rd Men Under 18. Ben Rowley Men Under 20.

 Kerry Gail 

 2016 Edmond Cup Results ... Click ... HERE

Our Senior Women dominated the Open Women Teams, 1st Kerry Rowley, Gail Sharp, Brooke Swaney and Kirsty Fairburn. Gail Sharp also 1st in the Master Women 50+. 2nd in the Open Womens Teams were Jill O'Brien, Ina Kinski, Alison Newall and Claire Giles.

In the Open Men Blair Martin was 3rd and 1st Master Mens 35-49 therefore winner of the Pat Sidon Medal. Blair was well supported by Alex Dodds, Jonah Smith, Sam Hopper, Ken McDonald and Ben Rowley which enable Caversham to take 2nd in the Teams. 

2016 Barnes Cross Country

Could only be classed as a dominate day for Caversham at the 2016 Barnes Cross Country. These results speak for themselves . 1st Open Men Luke Easterbrook : 1st Open Women Lia Bezett : 1st U18 Women Katie Wong : 1st Open Recreational Walk Jim Kerse : 1st U18 Men Jayden Toomey. Great support from all resulted in further success in the teams event. 1st Open Women : 1st Open Men : 1st U18 Men and 2nd U13 Girls. 

2016 Barnes Cross Country Results ... Click ... HERE

Luke Easterbrook Lia Bezett Finishing Katie Wong 

Luke                           Lia                               Katie

 Jayden T Cavy Girls 

Jayden                       Team Winners

Club Cross Country 18th June 

 Ideal conditions for the 2016 Club Cross Country at Waldronville. Very nice and close to being a dry track and very well prepared by Brian Watkins and his crew. Some club members summed up the day. Thanks to all the organizers, Brian and his team, the Marshalls, photographers, supporters, Afternoon Tea Ladies and Soup Makers & to all the competitors for a hard, but fun race today....go Cavy! Donna  Thank you to everyone who organised and helped and supported. We really appreciate it. And well done to the winners too! Jill O'Brien

Blair Martin  Brooke Swaney  Alex Brown  Lia Bezett  Ben   Dan And Darice

 VP5000 Saturday 11th June 2016

Another fine winter's day, firm track, and on the starting line for the 2016 Vice President 5000 Races, were, 38 runners, 15 walkers and 17 juniors. Plus a large number of club members on hand to assist Race Convenor Brian Watkins which resulted a very smooth running of the track meeting at the Forbury Park Raceway.

In the Junior Race it was Leila McComack 1st in 4.40. Fastest time went to Oliver Young in 3.35. Janice Hughes lead the Walkers home in 42.18 with the Fastest time going to Alex Brown in 31.13. Onto the main race which was hotly contested. Taking out the event in a time of 25.49 was Neville Scott, with Jake Jackson Grammer recording the Fastest time of 16.20. It was a "young" Donna  Rutherford that was the fastest woman on the course with a time of 20.23

Click ... HERE ... 2016 VP5000 Results 

Leila Mc Cormack Janice Hughes Neville Scott 

Leila                         Janice                     Neville

 Jake Jackson Grammer Donna Young Alex Brown

Jake                          Donna                     Alex

  2016 Ponydales 28th May

Nothing like good old fashion cross country running. As were the 2016 Ponydales. Even with the withdrawal of one team, Caversham still topped the number of teams with 13 and resulted in some great results. Further competition between Dave Sharp and Geoff Anderson was to wear the oldest club singlet they could find. Results  achieved. Masters Men 50+ 1st, Masters Women's 1st, Children 12 and Under 2nd, Youth Women 2nd, Open Men 2nd and 3rd and Open Women 3rd

Masters Men 50+  

Masters Men 50+ Peter : Osvaldo : Geoff : Dave

Finally ... a wild ... wet ... windy ... weekend ... prefect for Harriers running and walking ... bring it on ! . A big number of members set out from the clubrooms all dressed for the conditions which were well and truly tested by both the runners and walkers. This weekend the club will field a large number of teams in the Ponydale Relays.   

 Club Walkers Saturday 21 May 2016

Wet Walkers .... Photo by Amanda Phillips 

DSC01582 DSC01568 

" tofu good for you "                     " sure is "

 What a stunning day down at the Lovelock Relays and some stunning performances from the Caversham teams. Did you see all those "cavy kids" burning up the track, were so fast you may have missed them . There was success for our Masters Women of Donna Young, Kirsty Fairbairn, Lia Bezett and Julie Edmunds coming in 1st and our Masters Women 50+, 3rd. Our Senior Men were placed 2nd.

One clubmember summed up the day " this is just like a cavy family picnic ". 

Click ... HERE ... for 2016 Lovelock Relay Results 

   Winning Masters WomenWinning Masters Women

Winning Masters Women 2016 Lovelock Relays

Alison , Monica , Clair And Gail

3rd Place Masters Women 50+

2016 Ted Brown and McStay Races

Wasn't it a brilliant club day today? Everyone performed out of their skins at our club races and had a great time because of their positive attitude. Roll on the Lovelocks. Proud to be a Cavy member! Really close racing from the children saw Leo Young holding out Neil Brown in the Children's 800M, finishing in a time of 03min04sec. 12 lined up for the McStay Memorial Cup, with Neville Scott getting home 10sec clear of Gordon Wong, Neville's time was 07min03sec. A field of 22 contested the Ted Brown 1500. A big win for Tessa Brownlie, with a handicap of 0.35sec, Tessa crossed the line in a time of 07min00sec with Jayden Toomey second. Earlier 17 walkers were lead home by Alex Brown in 08min27sec, Kirsty van Royen second in 10mins02sec.

         Ted Brown Winner Tessa Brownlie Childrens 800 Leo Young

        Tessa Brownlie                  Leo Young

   Mc Stay Winner Neville Scott Walker Winner Alex Brown  

    Neville Scott                        Alex Brown

  Great start to the 2016 winter season at Caversham today and a huge turnout of current and new members. Just goes to show how much we need those new club rooms that are about to be built. It was standing room only in our outdated club space today. Encourage our new runners and walkers, and help fuel the enthusiasm that led them to our club in the first place. We have a terrific season ahead of us. Make your mark! Club Captain Stu McCormack

One of the " must do " was to give the " Cavy Bridge " an official opening, by who else than a " Cavy Pack " of runners.

                                             Opening The Bridge                                                       

For further information Click on the Caversham Harrier and Athlteics logo

Cavy Logo 2016


Katie Alika Ollie And Caitlin (2)

The 4 Cavy kids (Katie, Alika, Ollie and Caitlin) who represented Otago at the 12-13 Inter-provincials this week-end. They are very grateful for the support from the Club. Thanks.

" President of Children's Athletics shook my hand after we finished helping with the high jump and said "Thanks. Caversham, always reliable" (I wore my black Caversham Harriers top). In the last two days we had Evelyn (Chief HJ1) with Donna Rutherford and Megan Hall (Hill City Grade 13 Emily's Mum); me and Cathy Isaac-Croot helped Andrew Taberner from Southland on HJ2, Jill O'Brien on catering and the hardest worker of all, my son Matthew on the yellow running team - you'd be surprised how much more useful/knowledgeable a scout/venturer is than the average teenage athlete when it comes to practical tasks like putting up and taking down gazebos " Gordon Wong

                                   Matthew Team Runner

" Hear hear Gordon Wong, Matthew deserves the chocolate fish, although Alika pointed out that the high jump pole was taller than her mum. And don't forget Photographer to the Stars - on behalf of two sets of overseas grandparents Gillian Wong, you do take a cracking photo, and ever generous taking other people's kids " Jill O'Brien

     Alika 400m (2) Katie 5th 80m Hurdles (2)                   Ollie 80m Hurdles (2) Caitlin 400m (2)

" Yes a great big thank you to Gillian - we all love the photos - especially when we're working and missing our kids in action!! And it's true that the bar was certainly over my head alot over the weekend - and of course the higher it got, the more we had to bend down and pick it up - tee hee. With the paparazzi there it was a workout for the stars -  lol. An enjoyable weekend ". Cathy Isaac-Croot

Congratulations to Alex Brown who's solo walk in the Under 16 Boys 3000m was fast enough to break the Otago Secondary Schools record at the Otago Secondary Schools Champs on Saturday. 17minutes 58.65 seconds : Reporter Gordon Wong.

Alex Brown 1st Gold 3000m Race Walk (2) 

Alex Brown Gold 3000m Race Walk

Katie 3rd U18 Hurdles (2) 

Katie Wong 3rd U18 Hurdles

 Matthew 1st U15 80m Hurdles (2) 

Matthew Wong 1st U15 80m Hurdles

Last Saturday Club Members travelled to Macandrew Bay for a farewell Run and Walk for Audrey Phelan who is shortly returning to live in Ireland. Both Running and Walking Sections were well represented and all enjoyed the outing up the Greenacres Track past Larnachs Castle and back via McTaggart Street. This was followed by Afternoon Tea and presentations made at Audreys home in Wharfdale Street.Audrey has made any number of friends during her time with Caversham and will certainly be kept well informed of club activities and news in the future.



 New Zealand Masters Track and Field Championship  

Club members were still out in force at the New Zealand Masters Track and Field Championships and were well rewarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze across all Track and field events, a mighty effort well rewarded.

Julie Aliso Sophanna                       Claire  

 At the same time another large number headed down to Papatowal to enjoy scenic running and walking.

Ben  Colin 

Click   HERE   for the John Stinson Report

 Both Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st February saw the Club Children's Section competing in the Otago Children's Championships held in association with the Senior Championships. There were some great efforts displayed by the Children with a number of personal bests recorded.

1170 Oloive Young  Cathy Isaac -Croot

 In the Senior Otago Championships congratulations to Lia Bezett and Julie Edmunds who filled first and second placings in the Otago Masters Women 1500 metres.Lia also took out the Masters Women 800 metres title.  



















Ken And Dante

23518989_1769801953052725_2492735043273275609_n (2)

Sophanna Parsons Long Jump Saturday 11 November


Ken McDonald in Track and Field 2017

Glenn Southland Marathon


Glenn Sutton 3rd 2017 Southland Marathon - 2h54m56s

Matthew With Sign

Fiordland And Cavy Clowns

Brighton - Green Island with Fiordland Harriers


Ben and Ken 2017 Otago Cross Country

Luke And Oliver

Luke Anderson and Oliver Young -  2017 Edmond Cup

Jordan Katie Caitlin Team Effort

U/18 Winning Team Jordan, Katie and Caitlin 2017 Barnes Cross Country

Colin High Five

Colin gives the 2017 Lovelock Relays " a high five "

Sophanna And Vicky

Sophanna Parsons and Vicky Evans 2017 McStay 1500m

Team Cavy

Team "Cavy" in the Catlins 4th March 2017

Matthew Wong U18 100m Otago Champ

Matthew Wong U18 100m Otago Champ

Katie Wong

Katie Wong Long Jump NZ Multi Championships

Ken Port Road Race 2017

Ken McDonald Port Road Race 2017

Images (2)


With Steve Hansen

Gilian and Jill, their new coach ? ... a guy called Steve !!

Saturday 7 Jan 2017

Steve, Vanessa and Peter - Saturday 7th Janurary 2017

Run Sunday 11 Dec

Summer run December 11th 2016

Anna With Our Girls

Anna Grimaldi with Alika,Petra,Caitlin and Katie

14520431_1802708929966574_918674147794204154_n (1)

Walking Group Saturday 15th October


Club run and walk Saturday 17th September 2016


At The Port

Club run Port Chalmers 13th August


2016 Brighton to Green Island 

Ladies And G

Ladies and a Gentleman


Peter Fitzgerald ( 479 ) Masters Men 50-64 Otago Cross Country Championships

Gordon And Kirsty

Gordon and Kirsty 2016 Edmond Cup

Luke And Gordon

2016 Barnes Cross Country

Neville , Lia And Ken

2016 Club Cross Country 

Dave , Blair , Josh And Glenn

VP5000 Dave, Blair, Josh and Glenn ... Go Boys

Love Lock Kids

2016 Caversham Children's Team

Gordon , Geoff , Andrew And Dave

Caversham Masters Men 2016 Lovelock Relays

Angas Fleming

Ben Rowley Lead Nathan White 

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   Josh And Lorenz 

Evelyn Greg And Glenn 

Ian And Greg End Of Lap 7 

Colin And Jonah