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We will be at our Clubrooms this Saturday 21st May. Our guests will be Taieri Harriers.



2016 Ted Brown 1500m : McStay 1500m : Walkers and Children's Saturday 16th April.


Cavy Chat 2016

Cavy Chat : April Issue : Children's Inter-Provincial and Prize Giving : Profile Neville Madigan : 2016 Opening Day : Ted Brown and McStay


Finally ... a wild ... wet ... windy ... weekend ... prefect for Harriers running and walking ... bring it on ! . A big number of members set out from the clubrooms all dressed for the conditions which were well and truly tested by both the runners and walkers. This weekend the club will field a large number of teams in the Ponydale Relays.   

 Club Walkers Saturday 21 May 2016

Wet Walkers .... Photo by Amanda Phillips 

DSC01582 DSC01568 

" tofu good for you "                     " sure is "

 What a stunning day down at the Lovelock Relays and some stunning performances from the Caversham teams. Did you see all those "cavy kids" burning up the track, were so fast you may have missed them . There was success for our Masters Women of Donna Young, Kirsty Fairbairn, Lia Bezett and Julie Edmunds coming in 1st and our Masters Women 50+, 3rd. Our Senior Men were placed 2nd.

One clubmember summed up the day " this is just like a cavy family picnic ". 

Click ... HERE ... for 2016 Lovelock Relay Results 

   Winning Masters WomenWinning Masters Women

Winning Masters Women 2016 Lovelock Relays

Alison , Monica , Clair And Gail

3rd Place Masters Women 50+

2016 Ted Brown and McStay Races

Wasn't it a brilliant club day today? Everyone performed out of their skins at our club races and had a great time because of their positive attitude. Roll on the Lovelocks. Proud to be a Cavy member! Really close racing from the children saw Leo Young holding out Neil Brown in the Children's 800M, finishing in a time of 03min04sec. 12 lined up for the McStay Memorial Cup, with Neville Scott getting home 10sec clear of Gordon Wong, Neville's time was 07min03sec. A field of 22 contested the Ted Brown 1500. A big win for Tessa Brownlie, with a handicap of 0.35sec, Tessa crossed the line in a time of 07min00sec with Jayden Toomey second. Earlier 17 walkers were lead home by Alex Brown in 08min27sec, Kirsty van Royen second in 10mins02sec.

         Ted Brown Winner Tessa Brownlie Childrens 800 Leo Young

        Tessa Brownlie                  Leo Young

   Mc Stay Winner Neville Scott Walker Winner Alex Brown  

    Neville Scott                        Alex Brown

  Great start to the 2016 winter season at Caversham today and a huge turnout of current and new members. Just goes to show how much we need those new club rooms that are about to be built. It was standing room only in our outdated club space today. Encourage our new runners and walkers, and help fuel the enthusiasm that led them to our club in the first place. We have a terrific season ahead of us. Make your mark! Club Captain Stu McCormack

One of the " must do " was to give the " Cavy Bridge " an official opening, by who else than a " Cavy Pack " of runners.

                                             Opening The Bridge                                                       

For further information Click on the Caversham Harrier and Athlteics logo

Cavy Logo 2016


Katie Alika Ollie And Caitlin (2)

The 4 Cavy kids (Katie, Alika, Ollie and Caitlin) who represented Otago at the 12-13 Inter-provincials this week-end. They are very grateful for the support from the Club. Thanks.

" President of Children's Athletics shook my hand after we finished helping with the high jump and said "Thanks. Caversham, always reliable" (I wore my black Caversham Harriers top). In the last two days we had Evelyn (Chief HJ1) with Donna Rutherford and Megan Hall (Hill City Grade 13 Emily's Mum); me and Cathy Isaac-Croot helped Andrew Taberner from Southland on HJ2, Jill O'Brien on catering and the hardest worker of all, my son Matthew on the yellow running team - you'd be surprised how much more useful/knowledgeable a scout/venturer is than the average teenage athlete when it comes to practical tasks like putting up and taking down gazebos " Gordon Wong

                                   Matthew Team Runner

" Hear hear Gordon Wong, Matthew deserves the chocolate fish, although Alika pointed out that the high jump pole was taller than her mum. And don't forget Photographer to the Stars - on behalf of two sets of overseas grandparents Gillian Wong, you do take a cracking photo, and ever generous taking other people's kids " Jill O'Brien

     Alika 400m (2) Katie 5th 80m Hurdles (2)                   Ollie 80m Hurdles (2) Caitlin 400m (2)

" Yes a great big thank you to Gillian - we all love the photos - especially when we're working and missing our kids in action!! And it's true that the bar was certainly over my head alot over the weekend - and of course the higher it got, the more we had to bend down and pick it up - tee hee. With the paparazzi there it was a workout for the stars -  lol. An enjoyable weekend ". Cathy Isaac-Croot

Congratulations to Alex Brown who's solo walk in the Under 16 Boys 3000m was fast enough to break the Otago Secondary Schools record at the Otago Secondary Schools Champs on Saturday. 17minutes 58.65 seconds : Reporter Gordon Wong.

Alex Brown 1st Gold 3000m Race Walk (2) 

Alex Brown Gold 3000m Race Walk

Katie 3rd U18 Hurdles (2) 

Katie Wong 3rd U18 Hurdles

 Matthew 1st U15 80m Hurdles (2) 

Matthew Wong 1st U15 80m Hurdles

Last Saturday Club Members travelled to Macandrew Bay for a farewell Run and Walk for Audrey Phelan who is shortly returning to live in Ireland. Both Running and Walking Sections were well represented and all enjoyed the outing up the Greenacres Track past Larnachs Castle and back via McTaggart Street. This was followed by Afternoon Tea and presentations made at Audreys home in Wharfdale Street.Audrey has made any number of friends during her time with Caversham and will certainly be kept well informed of club activities and news in the future.



 New Zealand Masters Track and Field Championship  

Club members were still out in force at the New Zealand Masters Track and Field Championships and were well rewarded with Gold, Silver and Bronze across all Track and field events, a mighty effort well rewarded.

Julie Aliso Sophanna                       Claire  

 At the same time another large number headed down to Papatowal to enjoy scenic running and walking.

Ben  Colin 

Click   HERE   for the John Stinson Report

 Both Saturday and Sunday 20th and 21st February saw the Club Children's Section competing in the Otago Children's Championships held in association with the Senior Championships. There were some great efforts displayed by the Children with a number of personal bests recorded.

1170 Oloive Young  Cathy Isaac -Croot

 In the Senior Otago Championships congratulations to Lia Bezett and Julie Edmunds who filled first and second placings in the Otago Masters Women 1500 metres.Lia also took out the Masters Women 800 metres title.  


















Love Lock Kids

2016 Caversham Children's Team

Gordon , Geoff , Andrew And Dave

Caversham Masters Men 2016 Lovelock Relays

Angas Fleming

Ben Rowley Lead Nathan White 

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   Josh And Lorenz 

Evelyn Greg And Glenn 

Ian And Greg End Of Lap 7 

Colin And Jonah